As I mentioned in my last post on Sunday’s Freedom Walk, I had to rush off for an appointment and couldn’t follow the walkers till the end. I was quite down about that for the past two days. Apart from not being able to complete the walk and observe what went on, I was also down about the fact that I couldn’t take more photos. So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I discovered an email in my inbox today from an anonymous source who sent me the following photos with descriptions to boot!!!! 🙂

So here they are. I used the descriptions in the email only as a guide and so the words are all mine. I’ve also arranged the photos by theme so to speak. Part 1 shows the police at work. While Part 2 in a second post shows the walkers at their destination.

A Freedom Walker passing the Istana, the official residence of the President of Singapore……

and decides to pass a flyer (which contains info that basically says the event was organised to commemorate International Human Rights Day) to the police at the gates…

but gets turned away. I discovered this Freedom Walker has a blog too! 🙂

The following photos show plainclothes police officers following the group, watching and videotaping them from start to finish….

Part 2 of the photos will be posted soon. Hey this ain’t a full-time paid job you know!!! 🙂