Alot has been written in local blogs & websites and in the foreign media on the issue of the hike in ministerial salaries .

I’ve only one thing to say to my fellow Singaporeans: you reap what you sow.

Over the decades, we have given these obscenely highly-paid, arrogant and full-of-themselves jokers so much power with a completely free hand and a blank cheque. In this case, its literally a blank cheque as they decide the amount & pay themselves and go through this farce in parliament (which is controlled by the PAP) where they’re still gonna get what they want after a so-called “debate”. In the meantime, the majority of Singaporeans will shout & scream or quietly gripe about it in coffeeshops, at home, on the internet, the shithouse and god knows where else! After sometime, they’ll quieten down till the next time when there’s another uproar or unhappiness over this issue or some other issues. And it starts all over again.