I just have to share this with my readers. I burst out laughing when a friend of mine delivered this joke in a sarcastic, dry and deadpan manner from out of the blues. Anyway, i’m getting ahead of myself.

Earlier in the day, I read the government’s press release about signing-up for the GST Credits from 15 May 2007. I informed a friend of mine about it. Just letting him know that he can start signing-up from tomorrow. He asked me how much he’ll be getting and so on and so forth.

Then came the punchline when he ended by saying, “We should donate the money to PM Lee’s retirement fund”.

It was an extremely funny moment but it also showed the depth of unhappiness with the recent ministerial pay hikes.

Most of the times, ordinary Singaporeans tend to deal with such issues with jokes like these. These jokes (or satires) help, a bit, in dealing with the frustrations, anger and unhappiness with the PAP government especially its holier-than-thou, highly-paid ministers.

Hope you had a good laugh. 😉