CSJ Goes To Prison Again Wednesday, Sep 5 2007 

SDP Media Release: Citizen Chee Soon Juan goes to prison again, 4 Sep 2007

As expected, the high court today dismissed Dr. Chee Soon Juan’s appeal against a lower court conviction of attempting to leave Singapore as an undischarged bankrupt.

Judge Choo Han Teck upheld the fine of four thousand dollars or, in lieu, three weeks imprisonment imposed by a district judge on 26 February, 2007. As a result of the unsuccessful appeal, the Singapore Democratic Party Secretary-General has begun his prison term at the Queenstown Remand Prison.

On 1st April, 2006, Dr. Chee was stopped at the airport immigration check point and his passport confiscated while trying to leave for the World Movement for Democracy conference in Turkey.

Dr. Chee’s position during the lower court trial was that there was no clear directive from the Insolvency and Public Trustee’s Office (IPTO) to prevent him from leaving the country. The IPTO created confusion when it assigned at least six officers to handle Dr. Chee’s case.

This morning’s appeal saw both the defence and the prosecution taking more than an hour to put across their arguments. Dr. Chee’s counsel, Mr. Alfred Dodwell told the court that there was so much inconsistency in the way IPTO handled the case when all Dr. Chee wanted was fair treatment as an ordinary citizen, and not as a politician. Because of the uncertainty and confusion caused by IPTO, the benefit of the doubt should be given to Dr Chee.

Despite the elaborate argument put forth by the defence and prosecution, Judge Choo, took just a few seconds to dismiss the appeal and uphold the sentence, not to the surprise of everyone present.

Gandhi Ambalam
Singapore Democratic Party


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Blog HIJACKED! Wednesday, Sep 5 2007 

Somebody has tempered with my old Blogger blog. Whoever it was, has hijacked it and posted links to all sorts of crap; or you’ll be re-directed to other websites; and all my posts are also missing. Damn mudderfuckers!!

I didn’t access the Internet while I was away for a little over a month. I only realised what happened two days ago when I visited my old blog. Anyway, I’ve already contacted Blogger to try and rectify this problem. I pray they will look into my plea for help and restore the blog quickly.

Updated on 6 Sept 2007 at 0850hrs: Thanks to Blogger, the blog has been restored!! 🙂