I was “jolted” a few days ago by a SDP announcement. I say “jolted” because it hit me that I had taken 100s of photos of that historic event which began on 16 Sept 2006 and lasted for 72hrs.

I did post some of the photos here and here a few days after the event. To be precise, I was only able to take photos on the first day, 16 Sept 2006. I was not able to go down the other two days. Anyway, a few days after the event, the memory card screwed up and I couldn’t retrieve all the photos. Plus I was so pre-occupied with so many other things in my life that I put the matter of the photos aside.

Until a few days ago when I got the “jolt”.

So I got to work trying to retrieve the photos. After many painstaking hours the past few days (hey, i’m no pro ok!!!), I managed to download all the photos, uploaded it and organised it with headers describing each of them. My memory might be a bit rusty (getting older isn’t helping either!) after a year but most of what happened that day is still fresh in my mind.

You can now view all my 134 photos at my photobucket.

I hope to be at the anniversary this Sunday at 3pm beginning at Hong Lim Park aka Speakers’ Corner and moving on to other venues. But if I’m not able to attend, the time & effort I’ve put into bringing these images to you, my readers, would be my way of commemorating the anniversary of a historic event.