Global Day of Action for Burma: Saturday October 6th 2007, Burma Campaign UK

A global day of action has been called by Burma campaigners for Saturday October the 6th, twenty days since the monks first took to the streets.

As thousands of monks and others remain under arrest and at risk of torture in Burma, campaigners are worried that the media spotlight that had helped keep the pressure on Burmese generals not to commit further atrocities is beginning to fade.

“This day of action is to show that this crisis has not gone away. Our friends, families and spiritual leaders are in jail cells today at risk of torture. The UN Security council must act now to end the crackdown and they must keep focussed on this crisis until we know the people of Burma are safe. The international community must not desert them now,” said Ko Aung, a Burmese refugee.

Protests are expected right across the world at 12-noon local time. They have already been scheduled in key locations including: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, India, Ireland, France, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, the UK and the US. In the UK, the protest is being organized by 25 organizations including Burma Campaign UK, Amnesty International and TUC.

Around the world campaigners will wear red headbands in solidarity with the monks under arrest and tie these onto government buildings, religious shrines or key landmarks to signify the thousands of lives currently hanging in the balance….continue reading here and here

Join the global demonstration on Saturday, Amnesty International

Amnesty International, in partnership with other organisations worldwide, has called for a second day of global demonstrations at 12 noon on Saturday 6 October 2007. All members and supporters are encouraged to join the demonstrations which will call for an end to attacks on protestors in Myanmar, the immediate release of those detained for participation in peaceful assemblies, unless they are charged with a recognisably criminal offence, as well as all prisoners of conscience and for the UN to take action now…continue reading here

Solidarity Vigil for Burma, Amnesty International Malaysia

A Solidarity vigil will be held this Friday night, in support of Burma’s people, who are unable to exercise their fundamental rights in their country, and to express our opposition towards the Burma military junta’s bloody crackdown on protestors….continue reading here

Meanwhile in Singapore, the petition campaign, nearing 1000 signatures, outside the Burmese embassy continues despite intimidation & threats by Singapore police. More reports, photos & videos at these links: Singapore Democrats; The Online Citizen; Singapore Rebel.