Lee Kuan Yew has added stand-up comedy to his portfolio as Minister Mentor when he said I believe our media is credible at a forum in a local university.

The New Paper (TNP) have been taking this “credibility” to new levels with their so called reporting especially with regards to domestic politics.

The latest “credible” report from them appeared in yesterday’s edition with the title SDP’s attempt to deliver petition to Myanmar embassy and Istana ends in farce and arrest and main title What a WASH-OUT written by Liew Hanqing and Other antics . The SDP has responded to this one-sided TNP crap on the 24-hr protest outside the Istana which was cut short by arrests.

Last year, TNP wrote another one-sided & biased crap More people at S’pore idol. It was about the 16 Sept 2006 stand-off . TNP followed-up that rubbish with a sinister-sounding report this year on the Ist anniversary of that stand-off .

Yep. Credibility, indeed. Is it any wonder Singapore’s media is ranked 146 out 168 countries .