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Myanmar’s generals depend on Singapore — for banking, trading, even Armani clothes. Singapore’s government has taken the first step by condemning the dictatorship. Now if we’re serious, we need to put action on the table.

Let’s send Foreign Minister George Yeo our urgent messages of support and encouragement – let’s do all we can for unconditional dialogue in Myanmar, and tell the generals that otherwise they’re not welcome here.

“Our credibility is at stake… Unless we put things right, and set Myanmar to a new course, we will all be affected and dragged down” – George Yeo, 28 September

George Yeo with Thein Sein
George Yeo, right, with Burmese junta’s Secretary-1 Lieutenant-General (LG) Thein Sein in Nay Pyi Taw on 3 April 2007. Source: MFA

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junta skyline