My thanks to watchtowerv for these 3 videos…

Workers’ Party’s 50th anniversary dinner

Speech by Workers’ Party’s Secretary-General, Low Thia Khiang

Speech by Workers’ Party Chairman, Sylvia Lim

Meanwhile, according to a TOC report on the anniversary dinner………

The upbeat celebrations were prefaced by a sinister hatchet job.

Prior to the dinner, WP members spotted three teenagers distributing and sticking up posters degrading the party. When confronted, these teenagers said they were paid by someone to distribute the fliers and posters. TOC was told they were promised $20 for the task.

The three boys were unable to give details of who the person who employed them was and left after WP Organising Secretary Yaw Shin Leong spoke to them.

TOC understands that strident anti-WP views have been aired at one particular online forum, Sammyboy forum. Several threads have been set up calling for boycotts of the WP and one thread even called for people to wear anti-WP posters on their t-shirts at the venue of the WP anniversary dinner. Sources familiar with the forum have told TOC that these comments are initiated by around two to three regular forummers.

The dinner was unaffected by the attempted disruption, and commenced without a hitch.