Forum: ASEAN People Want Human Rights Now!

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has promised to include provisions for a human rights mechanism in the charter which will be signed at the summit on 21 November 2007.

But then ASEAN has always made the right noises about respecting human rights but have done little to ensure their protection.

We have an opportunity to send a strong and unmistakable message to the ASEAN governments that we want to see concrete steps taken to promote human rights in our part of the world. SG Human Rights is organising a public forum to raise and discuss human rights issues.

This forum is one of our avenues to make a stand against the Burmese Junta and affirm our solidarity with the Burmese people in condemning the regime for its murderous assault on its citizens.

Human rights advocates from the region have been invited to speak at the forum, amongst other activities. Whether you are Singaporean, Burmese, ASEAN nationals or friends from around the world, you are invited. So make sure you keep the day free and make your way down to Quality Hotel at Balestier Road.

Spread the message.

Public Forum: ASEAN People Want Human Rights Now!
Organiser: SG Human Rights
Date: 18 November 2007, Sunday
Time: 2:00 pm
Place: Quality Hotel, Diamond Room
Dress code: Wear something red to show your support for the Burmese people!
Admission: Free

Note: Visit SG Human Rights for updates on the forum