Its normal to have security for high profile events. BUT, this is the PAP’s Singapore.

The suppression of a peaceful protest outside the Istana in Oct; the Freedom Walk in Dec’06; the events of 16 Sept 2006 during the IMF-World Bank meetings; and the recent rejection of an application for a protest are some of the events which have highlighted the workings of a police state. One has to see what the Singapore Police said in this media release within this context.


International students to stage protest at ASEAN Summit, SDP, 16 Nov 2007

A group of international students from the National University of Singapore has released a press statement announcing that they will be holding a protest outside Shangri-la Hotel as a mark of solidarity with the Burmese people.

The hotel is the venue of the ASEAN Summit which is taking place from 18-22 Nov 07. The protest will take place on 19 Nov 07, Monday at 11 am.

PRESS RELEASE: Students demonstrate solidarity with Burma at ASEAN Summit

On Monday 19th November at 11am, following the forum held by the SG Human Rights group on the 18th November, a group of university students from around the world will stand outside the Shangri-La Hotel.

They will carry candles and pictures of the imprisoned democratically elected leader of Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi, in order to peacefully demonstrate their solidarity with the Burmese people.

This is in response to the recent violent crackdowns of both monks and ordinary civilians by the Burmese military regime, and subsequent lapse in international media attention.

It is also in response to the news that the member states will be signing the ASEAN Charter which is to include clauses on human rights.

The students will wear red t-shirts and stand in groups of four to remain within Singapore’s stringent laws against the freedom of assembly. They represent a larger number of students in Singapore who are concerned about the Burmese situation and Singapore’s direct involvement, but are too afraid of reprisals to personally participate.

They also have the support of thousands of students and others worldwide who cannot participate on the day.

Olly Laughland
Jonny Wengrowe
Pia Muzaffar


According to a CNA report at 2158hrs……

Police found out that a group of foreign students plan to stage a protest outside the Shangri-La Hotel by standing in groups of four during the summit. Queenstown police have informed some of the organisers that what they were planning to do is illegal and they should instead apply for a permit to hold an indoor event to give expressions to their views.

Furthermore, these students (my hat’s off to them!) according to the following report will be attending the 18 Nov forum……

International students to attend forum to explain protest action, SDP, 17 Nov 2007

The group of students who will be protesting outside the Shangri-la Hotel on Monday, 19 Nov 07, will be present at the forum tomorrow to relate what they will be doing at Monday’s protest.

The forum is organised by Sg Human Rights, a new group comprising of Singaporean rights activists.

The international exchange students have taken the courageous step of demonstrating their solidarity with the Burmese people and they want to express this at the ASEAN Summit.

They also want to let the Burmese generals know their outrage of the brutality against peaceful protesters and monks.

They are also other activities at the forum. There will be a greeting card for Burma as well as a petition to the Singapore Government for all to sign.

Letters and messages from all over the world will be read out during the forum.

Balloons carrying a “Free Burma” message will also be released to symbolise our wish to see Burma freed from the clutches of the tyrants.

As you can see this will be an exciting and meaningful event. Come and hear what the international students have to say and give them your support.

Come and let ASEAN know that we want firm action action against Burma.

Come and let the Burmese junta know that we want them to stop their repression.

Come and let the Singapore Government that we want democracy and freedom in our own country.

Come and be part of this landmark event. Bring your friends and relatives.

Tomorrow 2:00 pm at Quality Hotel, Balestier Road.

Remember Wear RED!