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All public performances of the Complaints Choir of Singapore have been cancelled. The Singaporean police did not want to issue a permission to perform public if foreign choir members don´t step out from the choir. The choir has few members who are permanently living in Singapore but who are not Citizens. The Malaysian born conductor of the Complaints Choir and the artists Kalleinen & Kochta-Kalleinen would also not be allowed to perform..

The choir decided that they did not want to perform under these circumstances and all the public performances have been cancelled.

“We are disappointed that our prejudices against Singapore have been affirmed. We see the symptoms of a neurotic society. We find it irritating that foreigners – people that built this city, nurse Singaporean kids and bring in their knowledge – are not allowed to complain. In the case of the Complaints Choir the situation is particularly silly, because removing the foreigners from the performances does not change the song at all. When MM LKY talks about the reinvention of Singapore as a Renaissance City, it seems that there is a long way to go.” – Tellervo + Oliver Kalleinen

From Sunday 27th January view the Singapore Complaints Choir performing just for video on this site.


Complaints Choir Project URGENT UPDATE, 26 Jan 2008

“We’ve just gotten news about our license application for THE COMPLAINTS CHOIR PROJECT (performances at various public spaces today). While we were given a license, this is a conditional one – no foreigners (i.e. a handful of the participants, the artists themselves and our conductor) are allowed to perform with the Choir. This is across the board and not only applicable for Speaker’s Corner (which has a regulation that states that non-Singaporeans aren’t allowed to perform there).

Naturally, this comes as a total shock to us, but we have discussed this amongst ourselves, with the artists and Choir. It is clear that we all do not want the Choir to be split up in any way.

As such, a few decisions have been made:

1) All public performances will be cancelled. We will put signages at the venues to inform people of this.

2) Instead, we will have private invite-only performances of the full Singapore Complaints Choir on both Sat 26th Jan and Sun 27th Jan, 3pm and 6.30pm at The Chamber at The Arts House.

3) Please help us spread the word to your friends, families and anyone else who is keen to watch the free performances.

4) To obtain invites, interested audience members can email or call The Complaints Choir Hotline at 9690 7453. Alternatively, if you turn up at the venue prior to the show, please let one of us know (we will be at The Chamber). We will issue private-event invitations for the special performances.”

Pseudonymity: Government bans choir performance at Speakers’ Corner, Singapore Democrats