Firstly, my apologies in advance because I’m going to spew quite a bit of vulgarities in this post. Why? Because I am pissed, sick and tired, etc, etc!

Its got to do with this whole fucking Mas Selamat Kastari fiasco! I’ve been holding back my anger and frustration over this damned thing till I saw this frontpage crap by the ass-kissers in the pro-government Straits Times and also reported by the ass-kissers over at CNA!

I mean, we don’t fucking need to be told that it was due to complacency, we’re not infallible, etc, etc!!! We already know all that!! So what the fuck!! And this fucking crap takes up half of the fontpage in the Straits Times in its weekend edition!! I really don’t give a fuck what the “great old sage” of Singapore has to say! And if the fucking ass-kissers in the local media don’t really have anything worthwhile to report, then don’t fucking report!

We need full and truthfull answers. So tell us or report something which we don’t know and save us the fucking crap!!

To my readers, sorry for the outburst but I had to get it out.