I thought I’ll create a separate page for this to make it easier for readers. And also for the fact that it was a historic event in Singapore. πŸ˜‰

So I’ve centralised all my posts on this event which was held to commemorate International Human Rights Day on 10 Dec 2006 (Sun). Here are the links to the posts…..

6 Dec, 2006 – Freedom Walk on 10 Dec at 4pm

8 Dec, 2006 – Marchers to test Singapore’s Protest Restrictions

11 Dec, 2006 – Sunday’s Freedom Walk – Photos & Reports

12 Dec, 2006 – More Exclusive Photos of Freedom Walk – Part 1

13 Dec, 2006 – Part 2 of Exclusive Photos of Freedom Walk

A video montage by autowoofz using photos from several sources including this blog. Nice. πŸ™‚